Oxnard Street Elementary School

ST Math

Oxnard Street Elementary School was awarded a grant to use ST Math in their new computer lab. ST Math takes away the language barrier that is found in traditional math courses and allows the student to build up their "spatial temporal reasoning abilities."


The ST Math K-5 instuctional software is a research-proven, comprehensive, grade-level math program that utilizes Spatial-Temporal (ST) reasoning to teach math concepts that are aligned to state standards. Spatial-Temporal reasoning is the innate ability to visualize and manipulate images through a sequence of steps in space and time - a process critical to solving problems in math, science, and other curriculum areas.

ST Math's innovative visual learning approach not only helps differentiate instruction to reach students of all levels of academic and language proficiency, but also engages students who struggle to learn with traditional materials and methods. The program includes hundreds of language-independent computer games that promote master-based learning and mathematical understanding. It can be used to complement textbook and classroom instruction, and offers self-paced learning and instructive feedback utilizing data-driven reports.

To learn more about the MIND Research Institute, visit our website at http://www.mindresearch.net .



ST Math @ Home

ST Math can be accessed at your home computer. Your child can replay the levels that were passed at school as a review or can do homework assignments assigned by the teacher.

To access STMath @ Home:

  1. Go to web.stmath.com.
  2. Click on the JiJi (the big penguin).
  3. A familiar screen will pop up that your child will recognize. They will enter their password and access STMath.
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