Oxnard Street Elementary School

LA's Best

LA's Best after school program is offered at Oxnard Elementary School. LA's Best after school program allows your child to stay on school grounds from the dismissal bell to 6:00 PM under fine supervision.




The mission of LA'S BEST is to provide a safe and supervised after school education, enrichment and recreation program for elementary school children ages 5 to 12 in the City of Los Angeles.


All children need a safe place to be after school with caring, responsible adults and engaging activities that connect child to his/her school, family and community.


1. Nothing we do is as important as the effect it has on a child.

2. Engaging activities develop values, skills and relationships. Activities are not seen as ends in themselves, but as vehicles for creating values, building skills and solidifying peer and adult relationships. An engaging activity is one that holds children's attention, awakens their imagination, and inspires them to want to learn more.

3. All children have equal rights to be accepted, respected and valued by others. Children are viewed as individuals to be developed, not problems to be solved.

4. Children should be involved in decision-making and program design. If children get to choose how, when, in what and with whome to be engaged, they are far more likely to enjoy themselves and behave cooperatively.

5. When we listen for udnerstanding everyone learns-children and adults alike. We are constantly able to learn form our children as well as each other. Everyone is a learner.


Source - http://www.lasbest.org